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Phase 1
Sketchbook pages 1-2
With sketchbook at hand, I laid out all the provided objects in front of me on my work table. I brainstormed by writing down any and every idea that came to mind about how the objects related to the "Bamboozled" theme. I also considered what I would use as the base of my book, and other elements I might add.
Found Object Project for the
2011 Focus on Book Arts Conference
Here are the first 2 pages from my sketchbook:
I then went shopping at thrift shops and low-cost retail stores for items I could repurpose. I lucked out when I found a one-of-a-kind bamboo placemat at Bi-Mart. It was a fluke that they even had it, as the price tag indicated it was not something they normally carried, and was probably a special purchase for someone. Now that I had the base for my book, I headed back to the studio for more brainstorming.

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