Next I thought about content. The bamboo theme and Japanese aesthetic suggested haiku as the text element. At first I thought I would write my own haiku, but then decided not to reinvent the wheel. Instead, I went online and searched for haiku with a bamboo theme. To my delight, I found several sources that included copyright-free images of ancient Japanese scrolls, as well as a translation of the beautiful calligraphy. Perfect!  I also finalized the structure and binding technique.

I downloaded images and text, working in Adobe PhotoShop to design the layout. Adding some of my own Japanese fibre-based papers to those supplied, I prepared them to go through my inkjet printer by ironing them onto the plastic side of freezer paper.

Once the text and images were printed, I returned to my sketchbook to work out the pagination and placement of the elements.
Found Object Project for the
2011 Focus on Book Arts Conference
Phase 3
All images and content copyright Patricia M. Heimerl. All rights reserved.

Here are pages 3-5 from my sketchbook:
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