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This started out as a project for a Book Arts class I was taking at Portland State University, and continued to grow long after the class was over. The only instruction we were given was to produce an altered book. I was stuck at home with a very bad cold and laryngitis, so my materials were limited to what I had on hand. I find it interesting that it was only in hindsight that I understood how much my health issues influenced the overall concept and design.

I love little things, and the best tools I had on hand were my computer and scanner, so I decided that the alteration would be to produce a miniature book. I’d done a fair amount of traveling, so had travel guide books, language phrase books, maps, and ephemera from my trips. The overall concept for the "Condensed Travel Guide" and packaging was most likely influenced by my diet of soup and crackers. Once the concept came to me, I expanded the project to include 2 books and a magnifying glass inside a “soup” can. Later I added a miniaturized map and passport. I even found a little camera for one of the guides.

The first guide was for Greece, with materials slightly larger than subsequent guides for Turkey, Puerto Rico, and Italy. All but Italy, the only country in the group that I haven't visited, incorporate my own photos in the maps, book covers, and other ephemera.
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