Bowser, Ball and Bee

In addition to digital drawings of a ball and the infamous scanned bee, this little flip book includes an image from my trip to France. On an early morning walk through the cobbled streets of Beynac, I was greeted by the pets of the town just waking up to the day. This little dog struck pose after pose as I photographed him on top of a wall. Using Adobe PhotoShop, I cut and pasted his head in several positions to show him tracking the ball across the frame. The bee flies in and, true to form, immediately finds itself in trouble when it lands on the wall. A case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Never fear, the bee manages to magically survive. I wonder where it will get into trouble next.
All images and content copyright Patricia M. Heimerl. All rights reserved.
Bowser, Ball & Bee
Flip Book
2" x 5.5"
59 pages
Screwpost binding
Edition of 25, signed and numbered