Pastoral Pedalists

The original image for this flip book was an old black and white photograph of 2 naughty women on a tandem bike. Using Adobe PhotoShop, I isolated the components (figures, bicycle, background), colorized them, and created the drapery. The background continually scrolls across as you flip through the book, creating the illusion of forward movement in this visual story. I added the leg movement by cutting and pasting the limbs and pedals in different positions. The drapery was an afterthought to create more interest and movement, as it whips in the wind first from one girl to the other and then flies around in the background until it once again lands on the front pedalist and repeats the cycle - no pun intended.
All images and content copyright Patricia M. Heimerl. All rights reserved.
Pastoral Pedalists
Flip Book
3.5" x 4.5"
36 pages
Screwpost binding
Edition of 25, signed and numbered